Tuesday, 25 October 2011

F1 going to New Jersey

It was announced today that in 2013 we'll have 2 US Grands Prix, with New Jersey joining Texas on the calendar.

This is a great result for F1 and will hopefully replace one of the Spanish races. Spain has a short history of Formula One and with their devotion to Alonso, have no need for a second race.

USA has a proud history of motorsport and hasn't been utilised enough by F1 over recent years, specifically following the Indy shambles of 2005. It is great that we are having more races in nations that will have packed grandstands and a desire to embrace the weekend as opposed to countries that have the most money.

With New Jersey and Texas being on the schedule there is the possibility of more Americans becoming more involved in the sport in terms of support but also in terms of drivers. F1 might once again become a valid alternative to IndyCar and NASCAR.

The race in NJ will also have a stunning backdrop of the New York City skyline. It should make for a fantastic race.

I may even have to add it to my schedule of races to visit - I imagine a lot of Europeans will look at combining a weekend in NYC and a trip to the GP.

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