Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sebastian Vettel is a double world champion

You won't be surprised to read that title. Needing just the 1 point to become a double world champion, he drove aggressively to finish 3rd, behind Britain's Jenson Button and Spain's Fernando Alonso.

He is the youngest double world champion by an impressive margin. He has 7 years to win his next title to become the youngest triple world champion, to eclipse the late Ayrton Senna's record.

Vettel has had a remarkable career so far - in just 70 races he has amassed 19 wins, 27 pole positions and 2 world titles. Fernando Alonso, widely believed to be the best driver on the grid has 27 wins, 20 pole positions and 2 titles from 174 races - more than double Vettel's achievement. 

It will be interesting to see how far Vettel can go - the comparisons with Schumacher are inevitable. 7 Championships is possibly too far to stretch, such is the talent in Formula 1 today. He will certainly win more titles though. The Red Bull has been the class of the field this season, but it has to be said that Vettel has been outstanding. Small errors in Canada, Hungary and Germany aside, he's been faultless.

His worst position this season is a 4th place, in the other 14 races he has been on the podium. It is a staggering achievement.

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