Monday, 10 October 2011

Jenson Button impresses again

It was his fifth win for McLaren and his first in the dry. Jenson Button now has as many wins as Lewis Hamilton since he joined the Woking based team. One of the remaining criticisms of the Briton was that he could only win in changeable conditions. He has blown this one out of the water after a very controlled win in Japan.

With his girlfriend, Jessica Michibata being half Japanese combined with Jenson being a driver for Honda for 7 years; he has a lot of ties with and affinity for the country. It is his second home and it was a result that clearly meant a lot to him.

Some interesting stats on Jenson and Lewis’ performances as team mates; They are tied on 5 wins each Button has scored 424 points, compared with Hamiltons 418. Jenson has 16 podiums to Lewis’ 13. Jenson has also had bad luck with retirements that Lewis hasn’t had to contend with.

This is something that very few people predicted when it was announced that Jenson was signing for McLaren.

It is a remarkable achievement for Button and his stock in F1 has never been higher. His next goal will be to beat Hamilton over this season. He now has a sizable gap and with his consistency should be able to achieve this with ease.

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